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Members introductions

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Members introductions

PostFri Jan 11, 2013 10:01 am

Welcome to the official Aarklash: Legacy forum !

Here is the presentation topic. A few words to introduce yourself to the community... grab your keyboards !

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Re: Members introductions

PostSun Jan 13, 2013 2:59 pm

Ok so let's start!
I'm working at the communication department at Cyanide, in particular on the Confrontation licence and on the other self-published games.
So I'll be there to give you the latest news about the game, and to answer most of your questions I hope! :)
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Re: Members introductions

PostTue Sep 10, 2013 6:10 pm

Hello everyone!

My name is Rakesh and I reside in Virginia, USA. I play a lot of games especially RPGs and I consider myself an old school gamer, well I've been playing games for about 8 years now.

I like the little I've seen of this game, looks/feels like DAO to me and that is just the kind of game that I would love.

So looking forward to playing the game sometime soon!

Talk to you guys later!

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