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Best tactic

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Best tactic

PostMon Oct 07, 2013 9:29 pm

I think I've found the best tactic for most situations-

Leck Lorus

Combat flow:
1.when enemy is spotted Frinz immediately attaches fragmentation mechanism to Knokka
2.Knokka heads out to taunt everyone(this ability should be maxed) so everyone is attracted to her and as such she goes near archers/mages bringing melee enemies with her, she of course uses her buffs the meantime Frinz repositions from behind to debuff physical armor(if maxed it can be debuffed to 0)
4.Leck Lorus puts a dying touch(10s timer, 50% physical armor reduction, 1000 damage) on an enemy not debuffed by Frinz, as secondary attack he uses the blast on the most clustered group
5.after Frinz did the debuffing he targets the dying touched enemy with his sniper ability
5.all of this is done before the fragmentation mechanism goes off
6.Nella strikes 2 times with lightning(4 proliferation type) within roughly 12 seconds, you should do over 6000 damage to almost all enemies, the rest is just clean up

Also as the second ability Nella should have remote 15s immobilization with 3m knockdown, which should be combined with this tactic.

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