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Compliments and tips

Share your experience on Aarklash: Legacy and discuss with other players!
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Compliments and tips

PostMon Dec 09, 2013 3:16 pm


I like turn based party crpg .
I'm from the old school Baldur's Gate & Co.
And I prefer to spend game time to deal with challenges and battles increasingly complex, using the best skills of my party, rather than getting lost among thousands of unnecessary (and often boring) dialogues.

That said,
According to me Aarklash is well done. And it has some great potential. Congratulations to its creators.

The strengths are definitely:
- The management of the battles. Nothing to say. Perfect.
- The modern and well made graphics.

The weak points are:
- Very few slots for weapons and armor. Too few.
- Few spells and abilities .
- The lack of interaction with NPCs , especially with vendors.
- The game is story driven...

Tips for the future:
- Allow more freedom to the player. Giving the player the ability to move freely around the world to Aarklash researching their quest. Maybe with a program of self –generation quests with random mobs and drop.
- Create a game less story driven and more freedom of action.
- More weapons and armor slots with graphic interventions on pg according to weapons / armor worn .
- More heroes. Even classical (D&D docet) .

I really hope that Aarklash can grow and mature in the future by bringing back the spirit of games like Icewind Dale with renewed graphics and ideas.


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Re: Compliments and tips

PostMon Dec 09, 2013 5:13 pm


First, thank you for your feedback, it's really appreciated, and we are glad you like the game !

We are conscious that some aspects like equiment and interaction are simplistic, but with a limited development budget, the team had to make choices, and gameplay was the priority.

Making the game story driven was a logical decision at it is mostly linear.

As for abilities, we would rather have very different and unique abilities in limited numbers than many that do more or less the same thing. With a total of 4x4:16 abilities to manage at the same time, we think the player has plenty to be busy with.


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Re: Compliments and tips

PostSun Dec 29, 2013 7:53 pm

Just wanted to say thanks to the creators.
Excellent game, I'm really enjoying the gameplay.
Squad based tactics, active pause, interesting and unique characters - it's a rare gem among the modern games.

If there were some randomized conversations among the quorr members (pre-EA Bioware style), more interactions with NPC and world exploration, it would have been just perfect. I hope you have more plans for interesting games like this one.


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Re: Compliments and tips

PostTue Dec 31, 2013 9:18 pm

I do agree with most of what you say darthbalrog.
Loot and itemization (and shopping for them) is something I personally love in rpgs, but I can understand the reason behind the choice made by cyanide.

But as with the ability choices, Im someone who thinks the simpler the better.
Not saying I don't like things complex, don't get me wrong, but most other games of this type (the old black isle titles included) they had so many choices and still just used like 4 or 5 anyway.

With the abilities set how they are in aarklash, each character has a very individual feel, and at first inspection some abilities may look innocuous, they aren't (my favourite being Motcha's wrathful spirit).

I do understand what you're saying though and there are many things that can be done to "expand" the trees, maybe 5 skills rather than 4... or 3 branches off the 4 skills... or maybe you can pick both branches off a skill but lose the ability to use another....

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