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Try Aarklash: Legacy before everyone else !

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Try Aarklash: Legacy before everyone else !

PostWed Apr 24, 2013 9:27 am

Hi guys !

Big new today, in order to help us for the Aarklash : Legacy's development, we're looking for players to test the new beta, in order to know their impressions about the game.


- As we're looking for a feed back via the forum, you need to be registered on it.
- Having some time between the 13 to the 31 May 2013
- You need to have a Steam account []

The candidatures are internationally opened. So if you're interessed, please send me a private message (Golbak) in which you'll specify your name, surname, birthdate, email adress, steam login and your motivations, all this stuff before Wednesday, May, 6th 2013.

There are 30 places available, so if you want to test Aarklash: Legacy before everyone else, it's your turn !


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Re: Try Aarklash: Legacy before everyone else !

PostMon May 13, 2013 9:57 am

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately due to a delay in the Beta localization, we have to push
back the starting date of Aarklash: Legacy Closed Beta
. This decision
was not easy to take but we had to do it in order to provide a better
gaming experience.

The Beta test will begin on WEDNESDAY 29TH MAY until WEDNESDAY 12TH
JUNE 2013.

However we still have 10 Beta keys left, so if you know people who are
willing to participate to the Beta, let us know by giving us
his/her Full Name and Email address.

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